Dear Valued Customer,
Piedmont Wood Products manufactures only the highest quality exposed wood chair frames, frame parts and dimension. As you can see from the diagram above, our products satisfy even the most demanding specifications and quality expections.
Each component is carefully and skillfully machined and sanded in our 16,500 square foot facility, by employees that are paid for quality work ethic versus production incentive. We are happy to supply fully assembled frames, as well as KD parts for your assembly. Frames arrive at your plant ready-to-finish, with virtually no preparation on your part.
Our employees include many highly experienced woodworkers who selflessly pass on their skills to apprentice craftsmen, insuring the future of our trade. Piedmont Wood Products' family of craftsmen want to welcome those who wish to partner with and add to their own success, by buying some of the best frames, frame parts, and dimension made in the U.S.A.
Martha W. Reese, President

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